Packaging innovation towards APCO 2025 targets

At Chobani, we’re committed to sustainable packaging options. We’re doing this by seeking to develop
100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging by 2025, in line with APCO targets.

We’ve also made some pretty good progress so far. Things like removing single-use spoons from our
products in 2023, designing new packaging with less plastic, and working with our suppliers to develop innovative packaging solutions. We’re also developing a sustainable packaging roadmap to guide our next steps towards 2025 and beyond.

While we continue to innovate our packaging to deliver more sustainable solutions, 2022 also brought
some challenges with the pause on soft plastic recycling through the REDcycle program. We know that
our consumers share our commitment to sustainability and the REDcycle program provided them with a recycling option for our soft plastic pouches. This is why Chobani stepped forward as a Foundation
Supporter of a new National Plastics Recycling Scheme being led by the Australian Food and Grocer
Council and developed by Australia’s food and grocery manufacturing industry. This scheme focuses on developing a new path for soft plastics packaging in Australia to convert it back into new food-grade packaging. While it is still early, we are hopeful that by uniting with brand owners, manufacturers, recyclers and consumers this scheme can transform soft plastics recycling and deliver a more sustainable solution for our products.

As we continue to challenge the status quo, we look forward to our consumers with more sustainable
packaging solutions in 2023.

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