Towards net zero emissions: Building a baseline to inform our next steps

At Chobani, we believe in building a better world. To achieve this, we’re committed to developing a
roadmap to net zero emissions.

We also acknowledge the Paris Agreement and the commitment to make sure global warming does not
exceed 1.5°C. Our first steps on this journey are well underway.

In 2022, we partnered with Melbourne based firm Ndevr Environmental to help us develop our targets
and measurement tools. In 2023, we will soon complete this work with our first greenhouse gas
inventory, covering scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, which will help guide our decisions and actions towards
net zero.

As we plan for tomorrow, we also know a better future starts today. In 2022, we continued to evolve and deliver our “For Betterment of the Planet” strategy. This included building a new ultramodern warehouse complete with a 99kW solar panel system and a more energy efficient refrigeration system. We also installed electric vehicle charging stations for cars and trucks to future-proof our operations.

We’re ready to walk the walk, and 2023 is set to be big year in our mission to better our planet.

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