Meet Our Leaders

Just some of the people that create the Chobani magic

Meet Our Leaders

Just some of the people that create the Chobani magic

Scott Hadley

Managing Director – Australia/New Zealand

Steve Rae

General Manager Finance

In the Finance team, everyone counts (pun intended)! Not content with simply crunching numbers, Steve encourages his crew to get curious and uncover opportunities for value creation, paving the way for future growth.

Tim Browne

General Manager ESG & General Counsel

Despite harbouring childhood aspirations of playing pro golf, we’re lucky that, as a golfer, Tim actually makes a pretty good lawyer. And his fun and fearless approach fits right in at Chobani. Not only does he craft water-tight contracts and develop robust governance practices, he also leads our ESG team to make meaningful progress in bettering our planet and communities.

Chris Eaton

General Manager People & Culture

What do you get when you combine a passionate people-person, who can also milk a cow, with a proven track record for leading cultural change? The perfect combination for our People and Culture leader. Chris’ dairy roots are strong, having grown up milking cows on his family’s dairy farm in the Goulburn Valley.

Julia Clark

General Manager Demand

Whether it’s donning fancy dress costumes or singing silly songs, Julia finds joy in doing things differently, rallying the Demand team to bring fun and excitement to our customers.

Olivia Dickinson

General Manager Growth

‘Good things happen to those who hustle’ is just one of the principles our visionary Growth hacker lives by. Olivia is inspired by leading and developing teams, establishing cultures with entrepreneurial thinking and delivering impactful growth agendas.

Ken Sanders

General Manager Supply Chain & Operations

Who better to lead the supply side of Chobani than someone who has been making dairy products since he could walk – literally. Brought up on his family’s dairy farm in Gippsland, Ken has yet to escape the dairy category in his professional career. He certainly knows his stuff.

Maria Voronina

General Manager Corporate Strategy & Communications

Part creative, part nerd, and with a lifelong love of problem-solving, Maria is passionate about crafting purpose-led strategies and storytelling that inspires others to think differently. 

Andrew Pekin

General Manager PMO & IT

Chobani’s resident science guru and enthusiast, Andrew loves nothing more than some technical banter about molecules and cells, with a healthy dose of (yogurt) cultures.