Chobani® Greek

At Chobani, we believe yogurt should be simple: just milk and cultures, which we triple strain using an authentic process to make it deliciously thick and creamy.

Chobani® Flip®

Nothing says snack-time like creamy Chobani® Greek Yogurt paired with a side of crave-worthy crunch. Chobani Flip® is a delicious way to curb those 3pm cravings. The perfect better-for-you snack, perfectly portioned, packed with natural protein and no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Chobani® FiT®

Chobani® No Sugar Added

Enjoy a subtly sweet and perfectly creamy Greek Yogurt, with no sugar added. Made with only natural ingredients, no sweeteners and high in protein … breakfast and snacking never felt so good!

Chobani® Kids

Mild Greek yogurt pouch that your little ones will love; with 5-star Heath Rating, made with only natural ingredients, and no sugar/sweeteners added.

Chobani® Oat Yogurt™

Discover our Chobani Oat Yogurt™ range. Made with the natural goodness of oats, this dairy-free yogurt is thick, creamy, and Oatally delicious.

Chobani® Oat Milk®

Made with the goodness of real oats, the Chobani Oat Milk® range is the better way to milk.

Chobani® Daily Dollop®

Yogurt made specially for dogs! Chobani Daily Dollop® is lactose-free and a great source of protein and calcium making it the PAW-fect addition to your pup’s meal.

Gippsland Dairy™

They say anything worth having, is worth waiting for.
That’s why Gippsland Dairy™ is made slower to taste better®, because true perfection can’t be rushed.

No Sugar Added Pouch

Mild Greek yogurt pouch with 5-star Health Rating made with only natural ingredients, and no sugar/sweeteners added.