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For any specific medical or health related questions, we encourage you to reach out to your healthcare professional.

At Chobani, we believe yogurt should be simple: just milk and cultures, which we triple strain using an authentic process to make it deliciously thick and creamy!  

We only use fresh milk from local farmers without any powdered milk concentrate, resulting in an authentic Greek Yogurt that’s nutritious and packed with natural protein.

Chobani®, pronounced “CHO-BAHN-KNEE,” a name inspired by the Turkish word for ‘shepherd’. Infused with the hard-working, care-giving spirit of the mountain farmer. Say it a few times out loud. We promise it will roll right off of your tongue in no time! A name inspired by the Turkish word for ‘shepherd’. Infused with the hard-working, care-giving spirit of the mountain farmer.

Live and active cultures are living organisms added to milk to make yogurt. Our Chobani yogurt includes a mix of probiotics and starter cultures that are added to milk. The starter cultures help convert the milk into yogurt during fermentation, creating the unique taste and creamy texture Greek yogurt is known for. 

Yes! The real fruit and milk in Chobani products have been processed and pasteurised using heat treatment to ensure they are safe from bacterial and viral contamination.

We have a range which are naturally lactose free, our Chobani Oat Yogurts and Chobani Oat Milks.  Chobani FiT® and Chobani® No Sugar Added are also lactose free, with Lactase.

For consumption of our other products, as sensitivity to lactose varies by person, if you are lactose intolerant or have other dietary issues, you should consult your physician before changing your diet.  

A number of Chobani products are Kosher certified by Kosher Australia. For a full list of Kosher Certified Chobani products, please contact our consumer loyalty team here contact us.

A number of Chobani products are Halal certified by the Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria. For a full list of Halal Certified Chobani products, please contact our consumer loyalty team here contact us.

Absolutely! A variety of Chobani products are free of gelatin and other animal-based thickeners and provide a great, high-protein option for vegetarians. These include Chobani® 160g Pots, Chobani® 140g Pouches, Chobani® 110g Pouches, Chobani® 700g Tubs, Chobani® 907g Tubs, Chobani FiT®, Chobani Flip®, Chobani® No Sugar Added, Chobani® Oat Yogurt and Chobani Oat Milk®. 

The following Chobani products are gluten-free, which means they contain no wheat, rye, barley, oats or other gluten-containing ingredients: 

160g pots of Chobani® 

170g pots of Chobani FiT® 

140g pouches of Chobani® 

140g pouches of Chobani FiT® 

110g pouches of Chobani®  

700g tubs of Chobani® 

907g tubs of Chobani® 

Chobani® No Sugar Added

Our packaging has been labelled accordingly, in line with Australian labelling regulations. 

Due to the mix-in ingredients Chobani Flip® are not gluten-free.  

Due to gluten from oats, Chobani Oat Milk® and Chobani Oat Yogurt® are not gluten-free. 

Absolutely! Chobani Oat Milk® and Chobani Oat Yogurt® are free from all dairy and dairy derivatives. This makes it vegan friendly. Chobani Oat Milk® is the perfect oat milk for those looking for a non-dairy milk substitute that is still creamy and full of flavour. Chobani Oat Yogurt® is made with the natural goodness of oats, this dairy-free yogurt is thick, creamy, and Oatally delicious.  

The Best Before date is located on the foil lid across all Chobani® 160g and Flips pots. It is located on the tub for Chobani® 907g  and 700g tubs.  Our Oat milks best before date is located on the top of the carton next to the nozzle.  

The Best Before date for Chobani® pouches is on the back of pack, under the nutritional panel. 

Proper food safety is a must. If properly refrigerated, Chobani® will last until the date listed on each individual container. Each Chobani® pot and pouch is a single-serve option, which we recommend consuming at the time it’s opened. 

We recommend consuming our 907g and 700g tubs within 3-5 days of being opened. Our Chobani Oat milk range is recommended to be consumed within 7 days. 

All Chobani® and Chobani FiT® pots and tubs are recyclable through Australian kerbside collection systems. Aluminium foils can also be recycled, simply scrunch into a ball and put in your kerbside recycle bin. 

Due to the pause on soft plastic collection through the REDcycle program, Chobani® and Chobani FiT® pouches (pouch and lid) must be disposed of in your general waste kerbside bin. For more information on the status of the REDcycle program visit www.redcycle.net.au

You may notice our packaging still advises you to return our Chobani® and Chobani FiT® pouches to store for recycling. We are now updating this advice on our pouches to advise Australian consumers to place empty packaging in your general waste kerbside bin. This change should be seen on all pouches by the end of 2023, once we have used all our existing packaging up.

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