Supporting schools in Greater Dandenong

We’ve been supporting Dandenong South Primary School since 2013, providing yogurt and fresh fruit to students through the School Breakfast Club program. In 2022, we expanded this support to an additional four schools across the City of Greater Dandenong.

In addition to our regular yogurt and fruit donations, in 2022 we donated 10 refurbished laptops per
school (50 in total) and a brand new Chobani fridge to keep the delicious and nutritious foods fresh.
The City of Greater Dandenong is one of Melbourne’s most multicultural areas with residents from over 150 birthplaces. Around 60 per cent of residents were born overseas and nearly two thirds of residents speak languages other than English at home*. As one of the most disadvantaged communities in Victoria we know we have a role to play in strengthening this community in which we live and work.

Our General Manager ESG and General Counsel Tim Browne shares a few thoughts on our commitment to supporting local schools.

“Dandenong South is where our journey in Australia started, so for us it’s always been essential to
nurture and support the communities in the area we proudly call home. We’ve been a long-term partner of Dandenong South Primary School through both their School Breakfast Club program and the donation of digital devices for their STEM curriculum, but we felt it was important to extend that support to other schools in the area.” We’ll continue our commitment to supporting schools in Greater Dandenong in 2023 – because no kid should go hungry.

*Source: City of Greater Dandenong

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