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Eat up kids; Chobani is feeding hungry bellies across Australia

Victorian-based food company Chobani and food-relief charity, Eat Up!, announce their partnership to provide nutritious free lunches to Aussie kids in need. 

According to Foodbank’s Hunger Report (2022), 1.3 million children In Australia lived In severely food Insecure households in the past 12 months, which can negatively impact their health, well-being and learning ability. That’s where Chobani and Eat Up comes in. 

Since 2013, Eat Up has made and delivered over 2.5 million cheese sandwiches to support the 52% of households with dependent children experiencing moderate or severe food insecurity. (Foodbank Hunger Report 2022). Eat Up currently supports 623 schools across Australia, supplying over 13,000 meals each week for children who would otherwise go through their school day without the nutrients they need to concentrate and learn. Eat Up is Australia’s only organisation providing free school lunches on a national scale.

Now, Chobani has teamed up with this essential charity at a time when the fight against food insecurity couldn’t be more urgent. The collaboration will see Chobani’s delicious and nutritious yogurt pouches included in Eat Up’s lunch offering, adding a minimum 10.5g of protein to help little ones get their much-needed nutrients during school hours.

Chobani’s General Manager ESG & General Counsel, Tim Browne, said the partnership embodies everything the company stands for:

“At Chobani, we’re on a mission to make a difference using food as a force for good. That’s why we are  tremendously proud to partner with Eat Up, an organisation that shares our values and dedication to ensuring that no child goes hungry. The work of Eat Up is more important now than ever before given the current cost of living challenges facing Aussie families. By donating our delicious, protein-packed yogurt, we hope to make a meaningful impact in the lives of these Aussie kids, giving them the fuel they need to grow and thrive. We’re also really proud of our people, who are volunteering their time and energy to make a difference in the lives of these children.”

Chobani will increase yogurt production during the partnership to meet supply requirements rather than using pre-existing stock. This business model ensures that Eat Up can commit to providing guaranteed, regular free meals to hungry kids across Australia. 

Eat Up’s founder, Lyndon Galea, said he was thrilled the partnership will bring a sense of normality to free school meals:

“One of the biggest challenges for children when accepting donated meals, can be the associated shame. Chobani and Eat Up hope to bring a sense of pride to those who need the helping hand by including such a popular and healthy snack item in their lunches. We want to normalise receiving a healthy, free school meal that children can look forward to.”

And the positive results are already being felt by partner schools. St Anthony’s School, Noble Park Principal, Erin Nagel, said the inclusion of Chobani yogurt in their free lunches for children has sparked joy for the kids receiving lunches: “It’s so valuable for the children to have exposure to nutritious food, especially from a recognised brand. It enables our school to provide free healthy lunches to those who would normally go without. It ensures that students are not hungry and are ready to learn.”

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