September 11, 2019 Chobani Australia

How Melbourne Vixens stars keep FiT™ off the court

We’ve teamed up with the Melbourne Vixens to help fuel the team’s journey with Chobani® FiT™. Find out how Vixens stars Khao Watts, Kate Moloney and Emily Mannix keep fit off the court, and on the plate.

1. How do you get your game face on?

KW: I’ll usually have a relaxing, calm morning. About an hour before the game is when I’ll start pumping myself up, blasting music and getting excited. One thing I do before I leave the house for a game is practice mindfulness by writing down two things: Hard and what’s next? These are the two cues that motivate me. I want to remind myself to go hard for every movement, and whatever happens to always be asking myself what’s next.

KM: I like to take the morning before the game as my relaxation time and try not to focus too much on the game ahead. I’ll usually get up nice and early and start the day with a big brekkie, a long walk and stretch.

E: I live in Geelong, so a big part of my morning is taken up by the drive down to Melbourne. Morning of, I’ll have a big brekkie and hop in my car. I take the drive as my chance to mentally prepare for the game. Essential to me is always making sure to bring a Chobani® FiT™ with me as my go to snack for the journey.

2. What are your tips and tricks for post-workout recovery?

KW: Protein in so important for refueling your body post workout. Chobani® FiT™ has been a staple for my diet because it’s such an easy and delicious way to get protein in. One of my favourite things to do when I’m looking for an extra protein boost is to mix protein powder in with a Chobani® pot.

KM: Protein and carbs are so important post-game. I try and have around 20 grams of protein after each game to give my body the right ingredients to refuel and recovery. I also make sure to follow games with an ice bath and physio.

E: I think a good warm down and stretch is very important post-workout to help my body recover properly. Recovery food is also a necessity, protein being a core part of my post-workout meal. Partnering up with Chobani® has been great, because now we always have access to such an easy, delicious source of protein.

3. What does a day in the life of a netball athlete look like off the court? Are there other ways you like to keep fit?

KW: When we’re not at training or a game, I like to make sure my day consists of at least one other activity. Coaching is something I love doing in my free time! In terms of keeping fit, there’s a lot of different activities I enjoy like boxing or swimming. F45 is also great in the off season, it’s such a motivating environment.

KM: I try and get up and move as much as I can, and just live a generally active lifestyle. Some of my favourite ways to keep fit include swimming, F45 or pilates. I’m also currently undergoing a Bachelor of Health and Exercise Science, so I make sure to fit in time for study.

E: Playing for the Vixens is a big commitment, and we train/play 6 days a week. When we’re not on the court I love going along with the team to the various appearances that the Vixens do. Being active in general is also a core part of my day. I love to mix my workouts up, whether it’s with long walks, playing tennis or stair runs.

4. Let’s talk nutrition! Tell us what your day looks like on a plate.

KW: I go through phases of what I like to eat, and I’ll have periods where I eat the same thing every day, but for the most part I like to keep it very simple. Prepping my meals for the week is a really great way to save time and money. For example, breakfast usually consists of a frittata or yogurt with muesli; My go to lunch is a salad with roast veggies, tuna or beans; for dinner I’ll have a meat and veggies, or if I’m wanting more flavour I’ll prep a veggie curry.

KM: I love to keep it simple with the food I eat and try to incorporate as much fresh food as possible. Breakfast is usually muesli and porridge followed by avocado and eggs on toast for lunch. Dinner is some form of meat for protein and a big serve of veggies. My go to snack is yogurt, passionfruit being my all-time favourite flavour, and fresh fruit.

E: My day on a plate can vary quite a bit, depending on whether it’s on or off season. In the on season my meals are ramped up quite a bit to keep up with the level of activity my body is going through on a daily basis. I like to start and end my day with a big meal, so the bulk of my calories are incorporated in breakfast and dinner. Because a big part of my day is taken up by driving between Geelong and Melbourne, I also do a lot of snacking. I try to make sure I’m having snacks that are good for me, so yogurt and fresh fruit are my go-to.