September 11, 2019 Chobani Australia

Eddy Active’s 5 key exercises to achieve bigger leg gains

LEG WORKOUT # Sets # Reps
Laying Hamstring Curls + Single Leg Squats

Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Leg Extensions + Pause Squats

Leg Press + Body Weight Walking Lunges

Kettle Bell Sumo Squats

3 Sets

3 Sets

3 sets

3 Sets

2 Sets

15 + 15

12 – 15

15 + 10

20 + 10


Laying Hamstring Curls:

When performing a laying hamstring curl, it is important to keep your head down and hips pulled into the bench. Position your feet on the pad so they are hip width apart and feet are rotated straight (not outwards). Pull the weight up as hard as possible and at the top of the motion and pause for one second. Once the momentum is broken then lower the weight down under control. Don’t fully extend your legs out straight again, instead – pull the weight back up just before the weight stack hits the bottom.

Superset this with Single Leg Squats:

Position a bench behind you and place one leg firmly on the bench.
Holding a weight in front of your chest – with elbows tucked into your ribs for stability, lean forward slightly and apply all the pressure into your front leg. Squat down slowly until your front leg creates a 90 Degree angle, and then drive back up. You don’t have to lock out your leg at the top – its more effective to join the repetitions together rather than starting and stopping after each push.
Complete 15 Reps on each leg.

Stiff Leg Deadlifts:

To learn this exercise correctly – It is best to start without any weight. Simply stand up tall with your chest up & shoulder back. Place your palms on your thighs and slightly bend your knees. All you are going to do from here, is tilt forwards at your hips – sliding your hands down your legs until you reach your shins. Once you feel a stretch through your hamstrings, this is now the end point of your range of motion. Do this a few times until the movement begins to feel comfortable.

Adding Weight: Now to advance the movement – simply hold onto some light Dumbbells or a light bar. Position your body exactly the same – leaning forward by tilting at the hips and sliding the weight down your legs, just below your knees. Pull up with force once you feel your hamstrings stretch. Suitable rep range for this exercise is usually 12 – 15 reps. If you feel it working , increase the weight with each set.

Complete 3 Working Sets.

Leg Extentions: Time to move our attention to the quadriceps, so we will begin by doing some light leg extentions (2 warm up sets).

Once we begin our working weight – the idea is to max out at 15 reps. However each rep needs to be performed under 100% control, with a squeeze and hold at the top of each rep. The most common mistake when doing this movement is when people simply throw the weight up and down and only focus on the contraction. Just like the laying hamstring curls we did earlier – once you pause at the top of the motion, breaking the momentum, you are to lower the weight down slowly until your quads burn.

Superset this with Pause Squats: A pause squat is simply a regular squat where you place a bar on the back of your shoulders and at the very bottom of the movement, stop for one whole second before driving back up. The purpose of this pause is to create a stronger firing pattern to your legs – in turn building more stability and strength. The reason we superset this with leg extensions first, is to pre exhaust the quads – which means when you move into doing the squats, your legs will be burning a lot quicker!

Leg Press:

Now most people think about leg presses as a movement where you need to load all the plates in the gym on to the machine and go as heavy as possible. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Just like all the other movements in this workout we are going to pick an appropriate weight that will allow you to perform 20 reps per set. This might seem like a marathon for some people – but its not as difficult as it seems. In order to stimulate the legs properly, there are two important factors.

A) The Rep Tempo
B) The Speed of the set

TEMPO: This refers to the pace of each rep – In your head you should count 3 , 2 ,1 on the way down then 1 second on the way up. Controlling the negatives are just as important as the power you use to drive the weight back up.

SPEED: This refers to the time taken to complete the set. Ideally, each rep should be joined together so that there is constant tension throughout the entire movement. Try to prevent any rest periods from rep 1 all the way to rep 20.

Superset this with Body Weight Walking Lunges: Now to finish shaping the legs as a whole, we are supersetting each set of leg press with a walking lunge. Simply place your hands on your hips, and lunge forwards in a walking gait cycle. The idea is to continually move forward without stopping in between each step. Use a bit of momentum and try not to step with your feet to narrow, this will cause instability in your balance. Imagine walking along a set of train tracks. 10 steps up then 10 steps back.

Kettle Bell Sumo Deadlift:

The final movement for this workout is going to be just two sets of Sumo Deadlift.
Ideally if you can find some small steps to stand on, this will give you the ability to squat deeper without the kettle bell hitting the floor. As the name suggests, position your feet wide apart with toes pointing slightly outwards. Pull the KB off the floor holding the weight between your legs. Keep your arms nice and straight. Slowly lower the weight down by bending at the knees and tap the weight on the floor before driving back up again. Be sure to keep your lower back as straight as possible in order to protect your self from injury.

The rep range for this is minimum 10 to 15 reps.