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We crash the mid-afternoon breaks of six Australian sports stars to find out what they eat with their Chobani Mezé Dips

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Shift Your Snacking

Chobani Mezé Dips combine delicious strained yogurt with vegetables and spices for a nutritious snack that’s irresistibly tasty, high in protein and portioned up into a convenient, single serve tub. Find your favourite below!

Herbed Tzatziki

A refreshing combination of Chobani Yogurt, cucumber and lemon mixed with herbs for a twist on tradition. You’ll be wanting to get freaky with Tzatziki!

Roasted Red Pepper

Sweet and smokey roasted red peppers blended with thick and creamy yogurt to create a classic that everyone will love. You’ll be seeing red if someone has the last dip!

Beetroot Dill

Sweet and earthy Beetroot freshened up with dill and creamy Chobani yogurt. This one’s hard to beet.

Carmalised Onion

A household favourite lightened up so you can keep dippin’ through the whole tub. Sweet caramelised onions balanced with our Authentic Strained Chobani and a hint of paprika.

Chilli Lime Ranch

Chilli found a zesty bestie! The perfect mix of fresh lime and spicy chilli combined with cool, creamy Chobani Yogurt. This is one you’ll take back to the ranch!