September 11, 2019 Chobani Australia

7 Reasons why your body needs protein

1. Lean Muscle Mass

Protein is comprised of amino acids; these amino acids are the building blocks for muscle tissue so in order to increase our muscle mass, we must provide our body with the building blocks for this new tissue. On the other end of the spectrum, if fat loss is the goal, we want to avoid losing muscle mass whilst in a calorie deficit to keep metabolism up. One of the best ways to maintain muscle mass while simultaneously losing fat is to consume lean protein regularly throughout the day (in combination with strength training).

2. Muscle Repair & Recovery

When we suffer an injury, we are recovering from a big session in the gym or recovering from surgery our body needs protein to assist in the tissue repair. As mentioned previously, protein provides the essential amino acids, the building blocks, for tissue development. This remains true for muscle recovery, when we suffer an injury, even minor muscular tears that occur from strength training, our body needs these amino acids to help repair and rebuild.

3. Healthy Hormones

Many of us know that we need healthy fat in our diet to produce hormones, but did you know protein plays a role too? We now know protein provides us with amino acids and these amino acids are building blocks for muscles but they are also required for the production of many hormones.

4. Immunity

Surprising as this may be, it isn’t just Vitamin C you need for immunity. Our immune system is comprised of antibodies that help fight off infection and illness, these antibodies are actually proteins. When we eat a diet that contains inadequate protein or calories our immune system becomes compromised and we become susceptible to illness. Many high protein foods are also great sources of zinc, another nutrient which helps boost the immune system.

5. Manage Hunger and Cravings

When eating to reduce fat, hunger and cravings can be a big challenge and ultimately can derail your dieting. Fortunately, protein rich foods are one of the best ways to reduce hunger and cravings. When we eat high protein foods, we release more of the satiety hormone leptin. Leptin signals to the brain that we are full and tells us to stop eating. If you are struggling with hunger and cravings aim to include a good quality source of protein at each of your meals and snacks and watch the munchies disappear.

6. Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails

Not only for muscles, protein plays a role in glowing hair and skin and strong nails. Our hair, skin and nails are all comprised of different proteins, in particular keratin, collagen and elastin. A diet that is low in good quality protein can leave our nails and hair weak and brittle and we can lose that glow we love to see in our skin and hair.

7. Stronger for Longer

As we age we have a progressive decline in muscle mass, this is termed age-related sarcopenia. In addition to strength training, it is important that as we age we consume adequate good quality protein to preserve muscle mass and protect us from or slow this age-related decline.

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