September 11, 2019 Chobani Australia

5 Key exercises for the perfect peach

Glute activation warm up

  1. 12 x banded side to side steps

How to:

Place band below the knees, feet facing forward and hip-width apart.
Keeping torso upright, push your hips back and bend your knees till your body comes into a quarter squat position.

Keep your knees pushing out against the band. Step side to side.
It is important that your knees stay to the outside of your feet. This will force your upper glutes (glue med) to start to fire and do the work.

  1. Have a 30-40 second rest
  2. 12 x straight leg banded lateral step.

How to:

Start with your body upright.
knees locked out legs straight.
Step side to side using your glutes to take the step out.

Exercise 1

Banded barbell hip thrust

6 reps x 3 sets

Tempo: 3:0:1:0

How to:

  • Place the bar over your hips, band above the knees.
  • Shoulder blades on the bench, feet in the right position for your body.
  • Hands on the bar to secure the bar in place as you drive your hips up to the ceiling.
  • Keep chin tucked in and eyes on the bar throughout the whole movement
  • Squeeze and pause at the top before slowly lowering the bar down into the starting position.
  • Rest between sets 90 seconds


  • Use padding for the bar.
  • Abs engaged! When you hit hip extension think about keeping your pelvis tucked in towards your rib cage. This will ensure that your glutes are doing the work and your core is activated! Your glutes and abs work together as a team here!
  • Foot position will be unique to the individual. The aim is to get the most recruitment from your glutes so play around with feet width, and position from the body to suit you. Make sure your feet are wide enough for your knees to keep following the direction of your toes.
  • Bench height is also determined by the individual. Make sure that the height of the bench or step allows your hips to be in line with your shoulders.

Exercise 2 (Superset)

2a. Staggered Romanian Deadlift

10-12 reps

Tempo 3:0:1:0

How to:

  • Holding a KB or a DB with both hands, start with your feet hip width apart.
  • Take half a step back with one foot. This foot is the “kick stand”. it should have a slight bend in the knee, heel up and toe on the floor.
  • Shoulder blades back, chest up.
  • Hip hinge by pushing your hips back and making a table top with your upper body.
  • The leg doing the work should have a slight bend throughout the movement.
  • Go as low as your strength and flexibility allows.
  • Use your hamstrings and glutes to pull your upper body up into the starting position.
  • Drive hips through at the top and squeeze glutes!
  • Rest 30 seconds between legs

2b. Single leg hip extension

10-12 reps
Tempo 3:1:1:0

How to:

  • Using a bench place shoulders on the bench, hips on the floor.
  • Start with your first working leg bent in a similar position to your barbell hip thrust. The non-working leg can be bent or straight resting on the floor before you start.
  • Keep chin tucked and eyes following hips.
  • You may put your arms out on the bench to help with stability. As you get stronger, place your arms across your chest to increase difficulty.
  • Rib cage down, pelvis towards your rib cage, abs tight.
  • Drive your hips up into hip extension.
  • Keeping your chin tucked will help your ribs stay down and pelvis tucked under.
  • Rest 20 seconds between each leg

Exercise 3 (Superset)

3a. Reverse Hypers

One of my favourite exercises! This can be done on a reverse hyper machine or a box in the gym.

15+ reps

Tempo 3:1:1:0

How to:

  • Place your upper body faced down on the bench.
  • The edge of your hips should sit on the end of the bench with your upper body holding onto the bench at the front.
  • Start with knees bent, knees under hips. Rib cage down, abs on.
  • Using your glutes, lift your legs up till knees come in line with the bench. Squeeze and pause at the top range.
  • The aim is to get your hips into full extension so your knees must come in line with your hips.
  • Make sure you squeeze and pause at the top of the lift before slowly lowering down.
  • Rest 30 seconds


  • If you feel this in your lower back, you have taken your legs too high.
  • Having your arms closer to your body may help you keep your ribcage down and a neutral spine. Play around with your hand position and also the position of your hips on the bench.
  • This is a great exercise to do at high rep.

3b. Lying banded abduction

20+ reps

No tempo here. Go fast and furious!

  • Place band around you knees (this can vary either below or above the knee depending on band strength and glute strength).
  • Lying on your side on a bench place one hand on the ground and one hand on the bench or your body.
  • Bend the knee on the bottom for support.
  • Top leg is straight and starts towards the floor and in front of your body.
  • Your foot turned down towards the floor and heel towards the sky. Think stretch and contract.
  • When your foot is in front of your body towards the floor you should feel a nice stretch across the glue med.
  • Here you want to contract your glutes to move your foot up into abduction and resisting against the band.
  • Rest 30 seconds between legs.


  • This can also be done without a band and is a great exercise for high reps!

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