September 11, 2019 Chobani Australia

10 of the biggest dieting and fitness myths unveiled

1. Carbs are bad

Carbohydrates won’t make you gain weight. Eating in a calorie surplus (Consuming more energy/calories than your body burns) will make you gain weight. Carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients, and they are a preferred fuel source for your body’s energy.

2. Raw treats & smashed avocado are the ‘better options’

Did you know a ‘Smashed Avocado’ breakfast can add up to over 800 calories! Whilst smashed avo and raw treats contain wholesome ingredients that are packed with goodness, you should keep in the mind that they can be very calories dense foods, high in fat or sugar. So, don’t go to nuts with these!

3. The more protein, the more gains

If you’re trying to build muscle or training intensely, your body needs protein. But more is not necessarily better. Your body can only use so much protein, and eating beyond what your body needs will just be excreted out.
Protein is essential in helping your body rebuild and recover post workout. A pot of Chobani® FiT™ is my go-to snack for a protein hit post workout. If I’ve had a really big day in the gym, mixing protein powder with a Chobani® FiT™ is great for that extra boost.

4. You can spot reduce fat

No matter what the packet or TV commercial says, you cannot reduce fat from one specific area. If you want to lose fat from a specific spot, you will need to lose overall body fat.

5. Muscle turns into fat when you stop exercising

Muscle and fat are two completely different bodily compounds. You can gain muscle, but your fat will not turn into muscle, and vice versa. When you stop training, your body is likely to lose muscle mass. It is also more likely to gain fat as you are creating less of a calorie deficit by moving less/burning less calories.

6. Lifting weights makes you ‘big’

Weight training is a great way to achieve that toned body you’ve always wanted, and will not drastically change your body composition or make you look ‘big’. Having more muscle mass will raise your metabolic rate, in turn, helping you burn more calories.

7. You must only do cardio to lose weight

Cardio will help you create a caloric deficit, but it is not the be all and end all to weight loss. Whilst cardio can be an effective weight-loss tool, it’s best to accompany it with other exercises that target your entire body, such as muscle circuit training, strength training and HIIT (High Impact Internal Training) workouts, paired with good nutrition.

8. You need to work out every day

Working out, especially resistance training, breaks down muscle fibres. Rest days allow your muscles, nerves and connective tissue time to rebuild and recover. If you want results and to avoid injuries, listen to your body and allow it to rest when it needs.

9. Detox teas are a great way to kick off your weight-loss journey

Some detox teas contain laxatives which can deplete your body of water, and long-term use can cause electrolyte imbalance. Depleting the body’s water weight, may give you the results you want to see on the scales and make you feel lighter but you may not have lost an ounce of body fat.

10. You shouldn’t eat late at night

Calories don’t increase in foods after a certain time. If you are eating the amount your body requires to reach your goals, the time in which you consume these foods will not hinder your results.

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